Computational Fluid Dynamics

We employ computational fluid dynamics to study complex fluid flows. Your fluid flow conditions can be creeping, laminar, turbulent, bubbly, multiphase and many more besides. Fluid types can be low speed, high speed, compressible, incompressible Newtonian, and non-Newtonian.  

Image produced using ScanIP from Synopsys Simpleware. Check out our latest success story with Synopsys here.

Mathematical Optimisation

We can help to reduce your manufacturing design cycle and to minimise the need for expensive prototypes. We can do this by coupling optimisation algorithms to finite element, computational fluid dynamics and multiphysics simulation models.

High Performance Computing

In many instances it is necessary to support our calculations using high performance computing (HPC) resources. Our Enterprise account with Rescale gives us instant access to the world's largest HPC infrastructure in the cloud.

Finite Element Analysis

We use the finite element method to model a wide range of physical phenomena, providing our clients with realistic, accurate and cost-effective solutions to real-world engineering problems.

Discrete Element Modelling

We use the discrete element method to model the motion and interaction of large collections of discrete entities. Examples include granular flows, powder processing and the mechanics of soil excavation and transport.

Simulation conducted using the ROCKY DEM software package for discrete element modelling and provided courtesy of ROCKY DEM.

This model of a metallic stent was built by COMSOL

using COMSOL Multiphysics simulation tools.

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Coding Station

Data Science

Our team includes several data scientists with expertise in the latest, most state-of-the-art data science and machine learning methods, higher level statistics and mathematics, and scientific programming. We combine this expertise with our expertise in the physical sciences to deliver novel and bespoke engineering solutions to our clients.


Data Science & Machine Learning

Our team contains highly  experienced data scientists with expertise in statistical and machine learning methods. 

Finite Element


Discrete Element


Computational Fluid




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Data Science and

Machine Learning

High Performance



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